Saturday, 3 July 2010

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Lately I've just had the girliest books on my desk at work!! Someone commented "I'm really disappointed in your choice of reading lately" How dare you?? It doesn't matter what others think of the book, it only matters how IT makes you feel. Seriously, just because I don't have a stacks of Charles Dickens and Jane Eyre on my desk! I am into a variety of books and I don't take kindly to quick judgement.

Anyway, going back to the book...

Oh wow, I was left devastatingly upset after reading this, the ending was a huge surprising and I don't think anyone reading the book would have expected it. I watched the film last summer and I really enjoyed it albeit very sad. I had heard that the ending was changed but I didn't in any way expect the change to be so drastic. I had always thought that Kate would sadly die and I guess when you're thinking this, it just kind of helps make it all that easier to read through. A 16 year old girl dying of kidney failure is just as sad as a girl dying in a car accident but the car accident came as a complete surprise. I had to read the ending a good few times for the sadness to sink in. It was awful. Do tragedies like these even exist?

Oh anna! The poor girl.

I really enjoyed the book, the book opened up so many characters to me. We got to learn more about Jesse who was barely mentioned in the film, he was ainly lurking around in the background. I didn't really think much of the lawyer storyline, kind of pointless really but still a nice addition. A great book though and although it was horrible to read at times it made me appreciate love. My sister's love, my mother's. It also made me realise that I am so lucky to have my sister and that she's alive and healthy. Sister lovers, you guys will appreciate this book.

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