Friday, 21 May 2010

An Education by Lynn Barber.

For me, my book list mainly compromises of books which have recently been adapted into a film. An Education received great reviews and an Oscar nomination for the adorable Carey Mulligan. I watched the trailer for An Education and was instantly attracted and wanted nothing more than to go see it when it was released. Unfortunately, due to lack of time I was unable to do so. Instead I bought the book.

The trailer gave away what most of the film is about, and I  presumed that the entire book was adapted into a film however this isn't the case at all. The book is in fact a memoir of Lynn's life and it gives a detailed description of her life from being a pre-teen to being in her 60s. I found the beginning very interesting but come mid way and I was bored. I can see now why the film is based on only the first 50 pages of the book as that is the only interesting part of the entire book. The rest is just boring! I mean why would I be interested in reading about someone's life, someone I know nothing of nor heard of until this film was released. The ending started to pick up a bit but I think that's only because it was in comparison to the middle which truly was dull. It took me so much energy to get through it. No offence Lynn and I am sure none taken, what with you being a successful writer and me being a blogger with no followers and the fact that you'll probably never read this!!

I did enjoy the ending though, maybe I'm being a little harsh.

Also, I didn't understand why there was so much emphasis placed on the older gentleman who lured her away to fancy places, she really didn't seem to be effected by him at all and I don't understand how her entire life stemmed from this one incident which occured. Everything in life effects what we do next. It jsut didn't seem like a life altering event at all, if anyone should have been effected it would be the parents, she just didn't seem at all phased by him.

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